DescriptionSilicone Gum is used for Home Repairs and Maintenance, Sealant and Bond for Glass, Construction Sealants and Adhesives, Automobiles, Electronic Devices, and Appliances
Silicone compound_rubber
DescriptionGood transparency, Excellent electric insulation, Good physical and mechanical properties, Good high and low temperature resistance and aging resistance. Typical Application : Mold making parts and die casting products, for instance, cable accessories, pad, gasket, O-gasket, film, roller and plate
DescriptionElectrical insulation anti- skid rubber mats are non- slippery, fire resistant and hard wearing in use. Generally, the insulation rubber mats are used by the electricians and workers involved in the work of electricity transmission, generation or distribution. The mats enable the reduction in sound.
Fumes silicone
DescriptionFumed Grade Silicone Rubber is used mainly for Food grade and Medical purpose products Raw Material: Synthetic Rubber Appearance: Transparent Solid Form: The Massive Raw Rubber Hardness range: 40 shore---80 shore
Liquid silicone
DescriptionLiquid silicone rubber is a widely used material due to its versatility and unique properties. It is non-reactive and stable, as well as resistant to extreme environments and temperatures. LSR is used in industries that span automotive, defense, sporting goods, medical devices and consumer products
DescriptionFERDOSIGROUP can manufacture for you silicon parts for any devices. All you have to do is to give us your design of the product.It can be found in a wide variety of products, including: automotive applications; cooking, baking, and food storage products; apparel such as undergarments, sportswear, and footwear; electronics; medical devices and implants; and in home repair and hardware with products such as sealants.