Innovative Beauty Steam Hair Styler

World best quality
Never twisted in electric cable while Hair-styling
Your hair will not be get scorched and sticks on the heating plate by
completely coated with special technical method in heating plate.

Cosmetic palette filling with cosmetic

( you can put inside your own picture under the Mirror at this place )
( AAA 1.5V two batteries ) (cosmetic Lip Palette)
(cosmetic two way cake) (Picture/Mirror both use)

Innovative World best hot selling product in

Facial Cleaning  & Massaging- 

Spot(sebum) Cleaner C&B

When Skin-cell breathe, spoiled tissues are recovered, fine wrinkles get smoothed, sloping skin get back elastic.  Discoloration, dark spots, freckles and pimple will be gone.

Facial cleaning as well as Massaging 
are all in one while bathing......   

Powerful Suction;(suction;40KPA)
  Easily clean the deepest waste materials in pores with a powerful suction.

Water-Free typed.
  Can use it during bathing.
  Easy for cleaning(washing) of machine

Rechargeable Type;
  It is very convenience.
  Very safety by disjointed(invisiable)  connection line in electric with Recharging Typed.

Spot Clenaer C&B

  contains two kinds of technical system in functions in Spot Cleaner

(Facial cleaning + Massaging are all in one

Product Feature
 SPOT CLEANERsafe, hygienic easy way to removing sebum.

Remover the pimple cause from the deepest area with 40Kpa sucking capacity.

Use while bathing.

Ideal suction force everytime you use. Twenty minutes recharging. Safe and ideal especially, for those who have.

greasy, complicated skin.
blackish, hard kin.
those who have blackheads white heads.
Let's suck up pimple from deep pores with SPOTS CLEANER clearly, while bathing SPOTS CLEANER would 
prevent your face from getting pimpled easily, freshly and concretely. You might maintain beautiful skin.

Using the SPOTS CLEANER two times a week allows for clean, clear and healthy skin. SPOTS CLEANER removes 
not only pimples but also dirt that accumulated in the skin pores due to make-up gasses, etc, by a simple sucking action that is 
proven safe and effective. White heads and black heads are removed easily without your skin. Using your nails scarring skin is very unhealthy.

 Steam towel
 Steam humidifier


 Removes sebum from any spot of the face.
 Safe and hygienic.
 Does not leave facial scare.
 Easy to use.
 Helps to maintain pimple-free face.
 40 Kpa sucking capacity.
 Ideal for men & women.
 Low price.
 Size; Gift box; 8cm(w) x 21.8(h) x 14(l)
 Gross weight-500g/net-150g(hand set), 200g(charging unit)


  • 1.  Product name     ---SPOT CLEANER C & B

  •  It works as rechargable battery inner side by the electric power(by 110 V or by 220V)

  •  Packing ------------------Export standard packing.

  •  Minimum order---------1,000  sets

  •  Delivery  ---------------- Shipment will be 30 days after receipt of your T/T in advance or irrevocable   L/C at sight.

  • Suction power -----------…40KPA

  • GIFT BOX'S SIZE --------8CM(H) X 21CM(L) X 13CM(W)/SET

  • CTN BOX--------------------45CM(w)  x 53.5CM(L)  x 23.5(h)

  • G/WEIGHT/ctn- ------------11kgs

  • WEIGHT/SET --------------500G/SET

Innovative Beauty Massager


Full set of Airwrap

Take turning with high pressure, pumping, exhausting from Feet to ankle

(Massage from UP side of the calf of the leg to DOWN)


 to the persons who have under mentioned.

l       Cardiac remedy

l        Malignant tumor

l        Those who are with child or in physiological  function

l        Those who need resting.

l        Those who have high temperature(over 38 degrees)

l        Those who have trouble in the circulation of the blood.

l         Those  who put on medical care in their bodies.

 Composition of Airwrap

(Adapter, Controller, Jack,)  Available at 220V 110V in 50HZ or 60HZ)

(Very convenience for Feet and calf of the leg)

How to put on Airwrap


SIZE OF GIFT BOX ; 16CM(W) x  29(L)  x 22(H)