DescriptionBitumen is mainly used in asphalt . There are a grade and b grade. They are tested according to American Association of State Highway Officials packed in corrugated newly produced cold rolled steel drums coated in antirust black
DescriptionFuse Cutout is an outdoor protection product for power system against over-load and short-circuit failure as well as a device for opening and closing the load current with the use of a portable load-break tool. All the metal parts of the fuse cutout are free from erosion and rust.
DescriptionApplicable in SF6 high-voltage switch, hollow insulator/bushing Switch gear for the transformer Tailor made The winding tube is calculated on the basis of the internal diameter according to our standard, and the external diameter and length can be made according to customer’s special needs
DescriptionGRP is one of the most important components of our products. GRP material is used for its high mechanical strength, light weight, corrosion and temperature resistant properties, thermal insulation, smooth internal surface, easy to form complex shapes, ease of repair and its cost effectiveness.